M324 A Advanced Multivariable Calculus

Winter 2019

Course Summary

This course is a continuation of Math 126. The focus is mostly on integration in multiple variables. We discuss double and triple integrals; gradients and directional derivatives; line and surface integrals; and the theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss. In the second half of the course vector fields will play a key role -- the amazing rendering to the left (credit: writer of the Houdini Gubbins blog) is an example of the flow lines of such a vector field.



Instructor: Josh Southerland

Office Hours: Tues 4:30 - 6:30, W 9:30-10:30 or by appt.

Office: Padelford (PDL), C-552

Contact: j s o u t h e r AT u w . e d u

Additional help is available outside of class and office hours at CLUE. Visit their website to find out more about drop-in hours.

Homework & Webassign

For homework, you will need to use Webassign. Professor Taggart how generously typed up instructions for how to use Webassign. You can find them here. When you log into Webassign, use this link (or google "uw Webassign" to get this page).


Midterm 1: Friday, February 1st

Midterm 2: Friday, March 1st

Final Exam: Tuesday, March 19th

Lecture Notes

Quiz Solutions

Exam Archive

Midterm 1

Midterm 2

Final Exam

Other Materials

Prepared by Dr. Loveless. For the outlines below (Chapter 15), the section numbering is based on the 7th Edition of the book. 15.1 and 15.2 in the 7th edition are the same as 15.1 in the 8th edition. For the rest of the sections, the section in the 7th edition is one ahead of the 8th edition (eg. 15.3 in the 7th edition is 15.2 in the 8th).

Course Schedule

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Lecture: 15.1, 15.2 No HW due! Lecture: 15.2, 15.3 No HW due! Lecture: 15.3, 15.4
2 Lecture: 15.4, 15.5 HW: 15.1 - 15.4 Lecture: 15.5 HW: 15.5 Lecture: 15.6
3 Holiday HW: 15.6 Lecture: 15.7, 15.8 HW: 15.7, 15.8, 15.9 Lecture: 15.9
4 Review No HW due! Lecture: 14.5 No HW due! Midterm 1
5 Snow Day No HW Lecture: 14.5 HW: 14.5 Lecture: 14.6 (+HW
6 Snow Day No HW Snow Day HW: 16.1 Lecture: 16.2
7 Holiday HW: 16.2, 16.3 Lecture: 16.2, 16.3 Rev No HW due! Lecture: 16.4 (+ HW)
8 Lecture: 16.5 No HW due! Lecture: 16.6 No HW due! Midterm 2
9 Lecture: 16.7 HW: 16.5, 16.6p1&p2 Lecture: 16.7 HW: 16.7p1&p2 Lecture: 16.8
10 Lecture: 16.9 HW: 16.8, 16.9 Review No HW due! Review