Josh Southerland

graduate student in mathematics


I am a graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Washington being advised by Jayadev Athreya. I did my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University in New York City. After graduating, I worked in New York City for seven years at BuroHappold Engineering. While I was working I started taking math classes at my alma mater, and found some phenomenal guidance. Thank you Professor Gallagher, Professor Khovanov, Professor Weinstein, and Professor Diogo. If you love math and want to talk, or are curious about the nexus of engineering, sustainability, and climate change, feel free to reach out.

j s o u t h e r AT u w . e d u

Research Interests

Currently, I am studying translation surfaces. I am particularly interested in how one might leverage harmonic analysis to understand geometric and dynamical properties of translation surfaces and, more generally, flat surfaces.

Papers and Preprints